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The following terms relate to the security of and the privacy of its users. If you are concerned with how this site treats any personal information you send then read these terms to better understand just what happens to this information.

General Information is an entertainment and informational site focused on Mediterranean food and the Mediterranean lifestyle. The goal of this site is to provide recipes, advice, tips and more, all of which relate to the Greek/Med way of life. The site does not sell a product or a service directly but it does promote a book written by the site’s owner that has been made available for sale at all major outlets.

While had some hand in the creation and promotion of this book, we were not involved directly with the publication and printing and we do not have any direct contact to the retailers that stock it, nor can we accept any liability for misplaced, lost, stolen or incorrect orders from these retailers and/or the supplier.

Should you want to ask a question about the content of the book you are welcome to get in touch via our contact page, but keep in mind that your message may be received by an editor working on behalf of the author and not necessarily by the author herself.

Your Information

Because does not sell a product or a service directly, there are no occasions in which we will request any personal or financial information from you. However, if you choose to contact us using the information found on our Write For Us and our contact page then your email address, your name and any other information that you provide us with will be stored on our servers.

This information may remain indefinitely, but it will not be used for marketing purposes, nor will it be sold, leased or given away to any third-party users.

We also use analytics services such as Google Analytics to gather information about the people that visit the site. This is standard industry practice and the information is gathered and processed by Google and not by It does not display any personal information and it can not be used to connect a user to a specific address/name. It merely serves to help us better understand who is using our site, what they are using it for and how they use it.

Cookies does use cookies. This may or may not change in the near future, but as a content site we feel that cookies are essential and will therefore likely remain. Cookie are perfectly safe and help to improve the user experience.

Third-Party Privacy

The privacy policies listed herein relate to and only. If you leave this site for one of the external links, whether in the form of a sponsor, an affiliate or a source link, then these terms will no longer apply and you are advised to read the policies of the site your visit.

Consent and Changes reserve the right to make changes to these terms as and when we choose. We also reserve the right to make these changes without notifying any of our readers, as there is no method by which we can do this.

By using the site while these terms are active, you are giving your consent to them. This also applies if they are changed and you continue to use the website.