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About My Greek Food

My-Greek-Food.com is a haven for sumptuous cuisine, your online home for everything eaten, drunk and enjoyed in the Mediterranean sunshine. This website is still fairly new, but it’s growing at a great pace, with countless content on the benefits of Greek living, as well as everything you need to know about good (and bad) food and nutrition.

To learn more about us and the work that we do, keep reading.

Who Owns My Greek Food?

My-Greek-Food.com is owned and run by Yiota Giannakopoulou and a small team of dedicated writers. Yiota is a Greek native currently living in England and working with US publisher Skyhorse Publishing. Her first book, The Gift of the Greek, was the reason My-Greek-Food.com was launched. Without that book this site would not exist, but without Yiota’s passion for her homeland and its unique cuisine, none of it would exist. So, My-Greek-Food.com is a testament to that passion, that love and that dedication. It is a platform for her recipes and cooking tips, as well as a virtual showcase for the joys of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

About the Gift of the Greek

The Gift of the Greek is a Greek/Mediterranean inspired cookbook that focuses on fresh, healthy, nutrient-rich food. It’s not “Diet” food because eating healthily isn’t about cutting out the fat, stripping back the sugar and being completely calorie deficient. It’s about eating well, eating fresh and making sure everything that passes your lips is good for you.

You can learn more about The Gift of the Greek here on My-Greek-Food and you can buy your own copy at all major offline and online retailers. If you want to get in touch with Yiota to do talks about the book or the website then click onto our contact page.

Why Greek Food?

Greek Food

Greece is Yiota’s home, it’s where she was born and raised and where she discovered her love of cooking. It is the cuisine she knows and loves, but it’s also the cuisine that has consistently been rated as the healthiest in the world. It’s the cuisine that everyone enjoys eating and everyone wants to know how to cook, yet it’s the one that is bastardized so often by so many big chains.

Olive Garden, Bella Italia, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Dominos, Pizza Hut—they may all class themselves as Italian food, but the Italians don’t use that much cheese or that much bread and doing so has simply turned a healthy cuisine into an unhealthy one. Now that the attention has shifted to Greek food, we’re at risk of being victim to something similar. The goal of My-Greek-Food, therefore, is to inform and educate before that happens. Because while all of that food tastes great, it’s not good for you and it’s stopping authentic Mediterranean recipes from becoming a staple of the US and UK diet.

Join In

As mentioned already, My-Greek-Food.com was created as a way to celebrate the good and the great of Greek cuisine. Yiota wanted it to be more than a small site run by a single author. She wanted to create something bigger, something better and something that everyone could get involved with. That’s exactly what she has done and everyone can have their say here.

If you have a recipe, a variation on a recipe or a cocktail to share, then drop us a line through our Write for Us page (please read the guidelines first) and let us know. If you tell us who you are, where the recipe came from and what your story is, we’ll happily share it along with your recipe.

We can’t make promises and we can’t publish everything we receive, but if we like it, if we haven’t covered it before and if there is a place for it, then we will certainly take a look.

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If you’re heard enough about us and the work that we do then just start clicking on the guides and the recipes linked in the menus above and start enjoying our work!