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If you have a question to put to Yiota about her book or this site, or you have something to say about our recipes, then you can use the contact form below to get in touch.

Please read this short FAQ before you progress, just to make sure your question hasn’t already been answered:

Do You Offer Sponsorship?

We do, but we are very selective about what we offer. It has to be relevant to the sort of content that we post and it has to be conducive with the style of the site. If you want to discuss opening up a sponsorship program with us then simply tick the right box on the contact form below, send us a message with details of your site/company/product and one of our marketing experts will be in touch soon.

Do You Offer Guest Posts?

We are very particular about what we do and do not accept. We are no longer open to all kinds of submissions because doing so exposed us to a lot of spam. However, we still accept well written guides to nutrition and the Mediterranean lifestyle and we are also happy to post your recipes and recipe variations on this site.

Please do not contact us through the form below if you want to send us something. Instead, click onto our Write For Us page, take a look at the guidelines and the terms and then submit whatever you have for us through there. Any submissions about this that are sent to the below address will be ignored.

Can I Book Yiota for a PR Event?

Yiota is open to interviews, book signings and speaking events. If you have something that you think will be of interest to her then you can get in touch using the form below, provide us with the details and we’ll pass your message on. Yiota doesn’t see all of the messages that go through this form, but she still has a major stake in running the website and if there is something that is of interest to her then it will find the way to her eventually.

Can I Buy a Signed Copy of The Gift of the Greek?

Yiota has done several book signings and other events where such copies have been made available. However, we do not have the resources needed to offer these for sale through the website. This may change in the future, and if that is the case then we will change this answer to something a little more positive!

Will You Publish my Cookbook?

We get this quite a bit and we have to reiterate: we are not a publishing house. We do not publish books in any genre and have no authors working for us. We are a small media company that happens to be run by a cookbook author and a small team. So we have to say no on this one. We also can’t help you to get it published elsewhere, but there are many blogs out there than can offer advice on this.

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If that doesn’t answer your question then use the following form and we will respond within 72 working hours, providing the response hasn’t already been addressed above.